Replication of “How Much Does Immigration Boost Innovation?”
Accepted, Economic Inquiry

The Short-Term Economic Consequences of COVID-19: Exposure to Disease, Essential Workers and Remote Work (with Abel Brodeur and Louis-Philippe Beland) 2023. PLoS ONE 18(3): e0270341.
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The Short-Term Economic Consequences of COVID-19: Occupation Tasks and Mental Health in Canada (with Abel Brodeur, Louis-Philippe Beland, and Derek Mikola) 2022. Canadian Journal of Economics, March, 55: 214-247.
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On the Effects of COVID-19 Safer-At-Home Policies on Social Distancing, Car Crashes and Pollution (with Abel Brodeur and Nikolai Cook) 2021. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, March, 106:102427.
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Terrorism, immigration and asylum approval (with Abel Brodeur) 2019. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, December, 168:119-131.
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Working Papers

Policing for whom? Officer-involved shootings and police legitimacy in Chicago

Mass Reproducibility and Replicability: A New Hope (with Brodeur et al., see full list of authors on pages 2-3)

Works in Progress

Statistical Significance and Science Mobilization: Evidence from 10,404 Hypotheses in Leading Health Journals (with Abel Brodeur, Nikolai Cook, and Anthony Heyes)
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Does Conflict Fuel Racial Prejudice? Evidence from the Iraq War (with Abel Brodeur and Ruben Durante)

Men in Times of Crisis (with Joanne Haddad and Lamis Kattan)

Stay Frosty: Climate Change and Gun Violence in North America (with Nikolai Cook)